About MobiTill Epesi

MobiTill Epesi is a smart public transport solution developed by Data Integrated to address daily operational challenges. Our fully customizable solution helps reduce your transport business operational costs and improve your services.

What We're Offering

Sacco/Fleet Managers (Operations)

✔ Sacco Management
✔ Scheduling
✔ Payroll integration
✔ Fleet Management

Bus Owners(Revenue Management)

✔ On-bus ticketing
✔ Passenger counting
✔ Fleet Management
✔ Security System

Single view of bus operations at any time
Great customer experience
Flexible payment methods
Fully Customizable Solutions

Why MobiTill Epesi

  • 30-70% range increase in profits
  • Increase efficiency
  • Increase financial accountability
  • Monitor bus from your mobile phone wherever you are
  • Save your time and frees you to attend to other matters
  • Build you a paper trail and body of evidence
  • 24-hour support assured from our team

Full solution for a complex problem

Business Owners




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