Protect your assets with our reliable Bus CCTV Security System:

REAL TIME: Offers you real time remote monitoring.

QUICK ACCESS: Access footage of activities in the bus any time from wherever you are on your phone.

BIG CAPACITY: The App allows for playback of activities in the last 24 hours remotely. For review of activity exceeding 24 hours, the security camera has 64 GB SD card that has the capacity to store footage for three days.

Why buy the CCTV Security System?

  • Wireless connectivity
  • Real-time remote access via mobile or computer
  • Up to 3 days’ footage storage on SD card
  • Full High Definition video streaming
  • Video Replay support on App and PC
  • Infra-red lighting for night vision
  • 360 Fish-eye view capturing a wide view
  • Ability to rotate up to 360 degrees’ video feeds on mobile or computer