Epesi Trip Planner

Epesi Scheduling is a web-based vehicle scheduling software that queues, routes, maps, gives reports and manages rides, drivers & conductors in real-time. The system uses trackers to manage vehicles.

How it works

Queue all your fleets from one dashboard

Easily harmonize fare with Routes & Zones

Identify and authenticate drivers and conductors

Notify crew and members instantly through SMS

Access Real time reports

System will update bus stop signs in real time

Who uses Epesi Trip Planner

✜ Bus Companies and Saccos
✜ Urban Transport regulators
✜ School Transport Managers
✜ Fleet Managers in Companies
✜ Driving Schools

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Vehicles with MobiTill Epesi Trackers


Dashboard screen from the office


Controllers access and use platform in the field


Access real-time reports


Unmatched User Experience

Our system is developed with you in mind, and takes care of your needs and demands. You also access real-time reports to help in faster decision making. The features are easy to use and we offer a fully customizable system.

Priced to offer value

We will only charge you for what you use. There is no expensive software to buy and maintain with our solution. Considering that the system saves you money, this is true value.

Superior Customer Service

Our specialty is in Public Transport. We have a team of customer care and technical support staff to cater to you 24/7. You experience minimal down-time allowing your business to scale.

Superior Product

Epesi Trip planner is designed to increase your efficiency, and deal with any scheduling headaches you experience. Our product gives you greater compliance with government legislation too.

Our Customers see value

In the past, we used a manual system and it has not been easy for us to plan and make business decisions. We used to lose a lot of money. With this system, we are minimizing errors, serving our customers better and increasing our revenues.

Bus Company Chairman

Before Epesi Trip Planner, everything was written on paper. We used a manual sheet called a Waybill to record our activities.  It made reporting a nightmare and it took hours to finalize. Now with the click of a button I will know the vehicle location is listed on and know who else is ahead or behind us on the queue.

Bus Conductor

I use the Epesi Trip Planner to monitor my vehicles from wherever I am. Now, I can work on my other businesses easily. I am also able to view all my bus activities-tickets issued, bus location, CCTV, Sacco / stage fees payments- in one place.

Bus Owner

We used to use a blackboard stationed at the bus stage to schedule vehicles. It was tedious. Epesi Trip Planner is super user-friendly and easy to use. Reports that used to take me an hour or more to generate now take minutes.

Sacco Bus Route Controller

This is a very easy to use system. It’s easy to train our new drivers, it’s easy to enter or edit information. Data Integrated is quite responsive to requests for changes, fixes, and the team is very easy and pleasant to work with.

Bus Fleet Manager

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